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BioVigilant Products

IMD-A® systems provide clean room environmental monitoring in real time, instantly detecting microbes so you can act. Advanced optics and signal processing help reduce risk—and require no staining, reagents or human intervention. Save time and money by knowing what’s lurking in your environment.

IMD-A 300-Series Instantaneous Microbial Detection Systems

BioVigilant’s IMD-A 300 and 350 systems revolutionize environmental air monitoring for microbial contamination.

Continuous, immediate and real-time…

Using proprietary optical technology, the IMD-A system is capable of simultaneously detecting both size and intrinsic fluorescence of airborne particulates – screening for biologic particles as small as 0.5 microns.  The system offers a ready means for determining the microbial content of an aerosol sample on a particle-by-particle basis, thereby providing a continuous, real-time analysis of environmental bioburden.  This constant monitoring and effective trending deliver knowledge to act, actions that could prevent excursions from leading to the catastrophic loss of a batch. The IMD-A 300 system samples air at 1.15 liters per minute and the IMD-A 350 samples air at 28.3 liters per minute.

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PharmaMaster Software

Featuring PharmaMaster® software, the IMD-A system is designed for easy measurement setup, monitoring and analysis. This 21CFR Part-11 compliant software is configurable to a user’s specific measurement requirements for both episodic sampling and continuous monitoring.  The system offers a simple, uncomplicated interface suitable for a clean room operator, as well as the measurement flexibility needed by a facility manager.  Unique measurement profiles can be customized with specific action and alert parameters for each environmental application. The historical data feature creates a searchable archive of measurement data that permits replay of previous samples, in addition to reporting and exporting of data for in-depth analysis.

IMD-A Accessories

Available accessories include:


Panasonic Toughbook Computer


Monitor, DVI-compatible


Sealed keyboard with mouse


Crossover cable, 6ft.


Sanitary flange kit


Isokinetic probe for IMD-A 300


Isokinetic probe with stand for IMD-A 300


Isokinetic probe for IMD-A 350


Isokinetic probe with stand for IMD-A 350


Bev-A-Line XX tubing, 3/8”, 100ft. (recommended)


Bev-A-Line XX tubing, 1/2”, 100ft.


Disposable HEPA filter with Polypropylene housing