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About BioVigilant

With headquarters in Tucson, Arizona, BioVigilant invented instantaneous microbial detection technology to address environmental monitoring needs in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, healthcare, and beyond. BioVigilant IMD™ instruments provide continuous, real-time results for monitoring of air and water, determining particle size and biological status…simultaneously.  Unlike other rapid microbial methods, BioVigilant’s optically-based systems require no staining, no reagents, no waiting period, and little human intervention. The company holds 19 patents with an additional 37 applications pending.

BioVigilant is a division of Azbil North America, Inc., the North American affiliate of Azbil Corporation which is publicly traded on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. For detailed information, visit www.azbil.com

What is Azbil?

A company grounded in a philosophy to realize safety, comfort and fulfillment in people’s lives and contribute to global environmental preservation through “human-centered automation.”

Corporate Philosophy

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