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Real-Time Bioburden Detection

No Prep. Immediate Results.

The IMD-W™ Instantaneous Microbial Detection system for pharmaceutical grade waters delivers a new tool for assessing and reacting to bioburden risks in real-time.

IMD-W™ Features and Benefits

The BioVigilant IMD-W system is an advanced online tool

for the instantaneous detection of microbes

in pharmaceutical-grade waters


Get real-time results without staining or reagents.  IMD-W systems detect particles and determine biologic status simultaneously.


IMD-W systems provide data-rich insight into the health of your water system.


Consider it for:

Timely Return to Production

Improved Risk Assessment

Informed Investigations

Green Initiatives

One Method, Many Applications


Purified water has many uses throughout the biologics, pharmaceutical, and medical device industries – from cleaning equipment after manufacturing, to heating and cooling for sterilization and sanitization, to providing the base constituent of life-sustaining therapies. Because of the many uses for highly purified water, there are many ways to use the IMD-W™ system, an instantaneous microbial detection system for pharmaceutical grade waters.

Flexibility to Meet All of Your Application Needs: On-line, At-line, and In Laboratory

The IMD-W™ system has been designed specifically with the flexibility of use in mind. The system may be used in a laboratory setting for the testing of individual samples, and also can be placed online for continuous monitoring.

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